3D Putter ®evolution


The developers of the 3D Putter®evolution Gottfried Hofstädter und Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann have won multiple international titles in minigolf and are educated coaches and former national team coaches of various nations. In cooperation with experienced golfers and teaching pros the putter after lots of brainstorming and intensive research adapted tot he needs of minigolfers and golfers.

For minigolfers:
The concept allows quick adaption for playing on different minigolf systems: miniaturegolf, concrete, feltgolf and adventuregolf.

For golfers:
The innovative 3D Putter®evolution proves to be a jackpot to everyone who is convinced to improve the handicap with optimal material on the greens. It allows fitting in dimensions never seen before and can so be adapted to the technique of each and every golfer.

Fitting in 3D-imensionen

Balance und Rotation

The 3D Putter®evolution is built so that the balance can be adjusted according to the individual technique and feeling. A heavier head has the advantage that uncontrolled movements, for example shaking under tournament conditions and in pressure situations, have a smaller effect on the putter head.
The head of the 3D Putter®evolution weighs 380 grams and the weight can very easily and quickly be raised up to 450 grams by adding up to five additional weight inserts of 14 grams each into the chambers of the putter head. The weights can be added more towards the toe or the shaft (minimizing or maximizing the rotation). The putter is a "toe balanced" putter, thus suitable for players who have a small arc in their putting swing.

That's ®evolution



No matter how your posture or putting technique is - the lie of
3D Putter®evolution
can be simply adjusted for every player.


Depending on your technique and preferences - the head weight of 3D Putter®evolution is always in ideal balance.


Miniaturegolf, concrete, Feltgolf, Adventuregolf or golf putts, the changeable inserts of
3D Putter®evolution guarantee always the right touch.

Ideal for every posture and body length

The lie of 3D Putter®evolution, meaning the angle between the bottom and shaft of the putter, can be adjusted in just few seconds to the technique and setup of each player. The putter adapts to the player and not the player to the putter. This unique possibility of adapting prevents from unnecessary compensating movements and from potential mistakes caused by this movements. Especially tall or short players often do have problems as the lie of a standard putter is mostly not suitable to them.
The full-surface gearing between the shaft and the head is extremely stable and allows for a perfect setup - from 59° to 80°. The lie changes 3° per gear tooth.

The standard length of 3D Putter®evolution is 89 cm. Lengths between 61 cm and 111 cm are possible on request.

The fitting of 3D Putter®evolution is done with the tools in the toolbox which is delivered with the putter. The toolbox contains 5 weight inserts, a changeable face insert, spare screws and a branded screwdriver for torx screws.

®evolution toolbox


3D Putter®evolution
inkl. toolbox und head cover   159,- Euro (inkl. MwSt.)

The 3D Putter®evolution is available in both right- and left-handed versions and with regular or midsize grip (thicker than regular).
All modules of 3D Putter®evolution are available also as single pieces. This modular system has many advantages. It allows easy adjusting of the shaft length when young players are growing up. All you need is just a new shaft which can be changed in few seconds. So you don't need a long conversion phase which might bring negative side effects of technical and psychological nature with itself.

The 3D Putter®evolution is powder coated in matte black to avoid reflections of sunlight.

available inserts:

green: rebound 50% hardness 35 shore

red: rebound 75% hardness 45 shore

black: rebound 50% hardness 87 shore

white: rebound 70% hardness 96 shore

The rebound parameter describes the moment of acceleration.