3D - Putter


putterhead you can choose from two materials:

- light model 305 g (with filling-weights up to 375 g)
- heavy model 380 g (with filling-weights up to 450 g)


putterhead now from sandblasted steel without black colour

with special-developed shape at the bottom

rubber is integrated into the rubber-unit

rubber-unit can be changed very easy


shaft lenght and flexibility can be delivered individually

- steel-shaft (hard)

- graphite-shaft, black (soft)


We are glad, to offer you as a part of the acknowledged and high-quality 3D-assortment this product.

The 3D-putter has been developed by the team Hofstädter and Zimmermann and is aligned with the needs of high-class-players. It will cause a full success used by those players, who are convinced, to improve their results by playing the best materials.

The 3D-putter combines different variations, which we want to explain with this information-paper, so that you as reseller can give all explanations about advantages and possibilities of our 3D-putter fully to your customers.


The 3D-putter is available as a light and a heavy model. The weight-difference results from the use of different metal-alloyings for the putter-head. The conceptional idea was, that the light model with 5 filling-weights inside has the same weight as the heavy model without any filling-weights !

To avoid confusion with the components, all separate parts of the light model (black ferrule) are marked with a "L" and all separate parts of the heavy model (black ferrule with golden ring) are marked with a golden "S".

It is only natural, that 3D offers from the beginning clubs for right-hand- and for left-hand-players.


The putterhead is equiped with 5 filling-weights each 14 g, which can be removed either separately or completely.

So the weight of the putterhead can be changed up to 70 g. Furthermore you can change the balance by variating the position of the remaining filling-weights in the chambers of the putterhead !

The filling-weights are surrounded by a compressable special-tape, which will prevent any noices coming up from the filling-weights inside the club during movement.

Because there are not formed all filling-weights and chambers 100% identically, we propose, to place the numbered filling weights every time in their own "personal" chamber.


 The 3D-putter can be delivered with 3 different shafts:


steel shaft hard
graphite shaft (black) soft


The choice of the shaft can be done individually for the intended target. Using a soft shaft the club-movement back during a shot can be reduced getting the same speed of a ball.

If you make your choice, you should also take care of the combination with the putterhead; a heavy putterhead in combination with a soft shaft causes the most flexibility during the shot-movement. 


As standard for length is defined 92 cm (measured at the shaft-backside from the end of the grip down to the ground).


All other lengths are available!


For a later change to a longer or shorter club you only have to order the shaft with grip and attachment for the putterhead. All other parts you can use also later on.


The 3D-putter can systematically be equiped with that rubber, which is most helpful for the individual playing of each player.


rubber with different rebound / playingspeed



slow rubber blue
middlefast rubber green
fast rubber red


rubber with different hardness / time for ball-contact during shot



light colour soft
middle colour standard
dark colour hard


possible uses of the different rubbers


       long courses (felt / concrete): fast rubber

       playing with technics / cut: soft rubber

       to avoid any cut for a straight shot: hard rubber


3D therefore has planed to change the rubber very easy, so that you are able to change it during practice or between two rounds of a combi-tournament very fast.


Change of rubber-part:

Put the club down on a table (rubber-side faced down).

Loosening the 2 screws M4 with the tool for M4 handling it at the grip and opening by rotating the tool-shaft (!) very fast.

Holding putterhead together you turn the club to rubber-side faced up.

Remove the rubber-unit.

Putting it together again you should close the screws strong but not too strong.

Ready for playing.


With a little bit practice this procedure can be done in less than 30 seconds !

Demoplate clubrubber:

To present the 3D-idea you can use the demoplate.

At the stoneplate there are glued 3 rubber-types with the same hardness (!!) but different rebound.

A simple check is enough for an "Ahaaaa".


The clubangle can be changed very easy within 5 seconds; please close the screw strong (!!). The gearing is over the full circle and so the linking is very stable and robust !


The 3D-concept with these variations takes care on all problems, which have been coming up in the past on this point:

    other standing position for playing on different course-systems

difficult positions on playing miniaturegolf (tee-point at the opposite corner / putting at the lightening / ..... )

natural change young players getting adults

possibilty to fit the club to your technic-position and not in the other way direction !! and more


What is the best product without a good cover ?


3D offers a putterbag with different colours:

royalblue, red, darkred, mintgreen, darkgreen, violet and black.


The bags are equiped with an additional small outside-pocket for T's, second rubber-unit .....



Please remember the setprice:


putter + 2.rubber-unit + putterbag !!



From the beginning 3D offers a complete service for all separate parts. For details see order-form.