loopy-balls, which are available at stock, you can find in our 3D-shop

assortment from 3D for technician - specialists
This small-series was developed by 3D especially for useful play at the somersault (looping).
You can be sure, that these balls you also will see used at flat loop, passages, special bridges, right angle and so on ..... because of purposeful production in jump-steps.
The surface-combination of clubrubber + ball + course + obstacle + frame is very important for the transfer of the cut-technique and so for the wanted result.
The surface of the ball has a high influence in this content. For that the LOOPY-series are available with two different-grounded surfaces:
MR = medium normal rough
MRR = medium extremly rough
Have fun with testing
your team of 3D

Loopy 1 MR/MRR
6,5 cm
40 Shore
38 g
Loopy 2 MR/MRR
6,5 cm
47 Shore
38 g
Loopy 3 MR/MRR
6,5 cm
54 Shore
38 g
Loopy 4 MR/MRR
6,5 cm
61 Shore
38 g